Meltblown dies

Meltblown dies made by New Spinnerets can reach a capillary diameter of 0.18mm and over 60 HPI. All capillaries are made with special propeller tips to ensure a maximum tolerance of 0.002mm on the diameter of the entire length of the capillary and, subsequently, be able to obtain a mirror finishing with Ra 0.01. The cusp is ground to a sharp edge to help the fibres escape and avoid leakage on the carpet during the production of TNT.

Spunbond spinnerets

Spunbond spinnerets dies can be machined with more than 30,000 holes. In these cases each capillary is individually controlled to obtain a perfect homogeneity on the whole perforated area. Particular attention is paid to the perpendicularity of the capillaries and to the flatness of the plane. It is possible to make spin packs for two-component and three-component with both perpendicular, inclined or shaped capillaries.


New Spinnerets has developed its own extruder for the distribution of air and polymer inside the spin pack. The designed tool is based on the presence of polymer splits that can give uniformity to the polymer melted on the underlying perforated surface of the spin pack. The possibility to extract and clean the polymer splits without having to disassemble the whole machine head is a great advantage. In order to obtain the least possible friction and the absence of turbulence, great care is put into the internal finishing and the radius of all the ducts affected by the passage of fluids.


New Spinnerets produces a wide range of utensils to take care of its customers during the after sales, like components for clamping and adjusting the operating distance, dedicated tools for capillary inspection and cleaning and impact protection systems for the perforated area. New Spinnerets aspires to be your chosen supplier for every solution.